Painted Vases


Over the years I have managed to collect a fair amount of glass vases. I was recently organizing and about to donate a box of them when I remember an article I read about transforming your glass vases into an updated porcelain style. I now LOVE my vases and don’t think I could ever have too many!


Follow these very easy instructions to get the same look!



Material needed:

  • Glass vase
  • Paint (I used leftover wall paint and it worked great! could do a fun colour for an accent vase)
  • Set up a workspace (I like to use a cookie sheet covered in newspaper)
  • Damp paper towels or rag to cleanup any drips.




Step 1

Start with a glass vase.





Step 2

Carefully pour the paint into the vase. If you are wanting to cover the whole inside of the vase then pour a good amount, however if you would like to do something more unique covering only half the vase then try not to pour too much.





Step 3 

Tip the vase onto its side and turn it slowly to coat the insides of the vase. Keep an eye on the paint and stop when you reach your desired look.

PS: Thats baby Ry you hear in the background of the video, we don’t have a bird! lol




Step 4 

If you are coating the whole inside of the vase than you can pour out any remaining paint and clean the edge of the vase with a damp cloth.



Step 5

Admire your work!



Happy Painting!



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