Top 10 DIY Fathers Day Gifts!

There are so many great DIY ideas out there. Here is a list of the TOP 10 DIY FATHERS DAY GIFTS!

After putting this list together I don’t know how to decide which one we are going to do this year.. we may end up doing most of these!






I just love this idea for a Father’s Day gift! Looks adorable and is a great way to build some memories.

Follow the link to have a closer look!






A great idea for any dads with big work boots or if they have fishing boots, could also look really cute in hockey skates although the kids might have to be sitting for those pictures. So many ways to customize the picture to your family!

Follow the link to grab your free  printable!






Adorable idea for kids learning to write, I know my kindergartener would love to do this for his dad!

Follow the link to see the instructions!




Fathers Day Word search 


For all the puzzle loving dads out there! Would be fun to see what words your kids come up with to describe their dads!

Follow the link to make your own Word Search!




Fathers Day Photos


Wow! How adorable is that. Great idea for a First Fathers Day!

Follow the link to see many more photo gift ideas! Some really great ones 🙂




Scribble Mug


Could do this with any age child. You could help them with the letters or if they are older let them do it themselves (my boys are always eager to try things on their own!) Then let them scribble aways!

Follow the link for instructions 🙂




Monster Trail Mix


Very cute idea! This is one I’m going  to do with my boys, thought we would go to the store and they can pick through the bulk section to make a custom trail mix just for dad!

Follow the link for your Free Printable!




Fathers Day Footprint Gift Ideas


Who doesn’t like a footprint or handprint picture?!? The kids always have a great time getting covered in paint and you end up with a picture that you can cherish forever! I love looking back and seeing how small their hands and feet once were 🙂

Follow the link for even more footprint picture ideas!




Toddler Art T-Shirt


Such a great gift from a toddler to their dad! This is something he can proudly wear and also looks pretty cool!

Follow the link to get the instructions!




Cutest Kid-made Fathers Day Cards


And of course whats better than a hand-made card?!? I personally love the card with the arms stretched out to giving a hug! We did a card similar to this for Valentines Day and the boys thought it was so fun to lie down and have their arms traced 🙂

Follow the link to get some great ideas!




I hope you’ve enjoyed this list!



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