Painted Vases


Over the years I have managed to collect a fair amount of glass vases. I was recently organizing and about to donate a box of them when I remember an article I read about transforming your glass vases into an updated porcelain style. I now LOVE my vases and don’t think I could ever have too many!


Follow these very easy instructions to get the same look!



Material needed:

  • Glass vase
  • Paint (I used leftover wall paint and it worked great! could do a fun colour for an accent vase)
  • Set up a workspace (I like to use a cookie sheet covered in newspaper)
  • Damp paper towels or rag to cleanup any drips.




Step 1

Start with a glass vase.





Step 2

Carefully pour the paint into the vase. If you are wanting to cover the whole inside of the vase then pour a good amount, however if you would like to do something more unique covering only half the vase then try not to pour too much.





Step 3 

Tip the vase onto its side and turn it slowly to coat the insides of the vase. Keep an eye on the paint and stop when you reach your desired look.

PS: Thats baby Ry you hear in the background of the video, we don’t have a bird! lol




Step 4 

If you are coating the whole inside of the vase than you can pour out any remaining paint and clean the edge of the vase with a damp cloth.



Step 5

Admire your work!



Happy Painting!



Forever Momming



Top 10 DIY Fathers Day Gifts!

There are so many great DIY ideas out there. Here is a list of the TOP 10 DIY FATHERS DAY GIFTS!

After putting this list together I don’t know how to decide which one we are going to do this year.. we may end up doing most of these!






I just love this idea for a Father’s Day gift! Looks adorable and is a great way to build some memories.

Follow the link to have a closer look!






A great idea for any dads with big work boots or if they have fishing boots, could also look really cute in hockey skates although the kids might have to be sitting for those pictures. So many ways to customize the picture to your family!

Follow the link to grab your free  printable!






Adorable idea for kids learning to write, I know my kindergartener would love to do this for his dad!

Follow the link to see the instructions!




Fathers Day Word search 


For all the puzzle loving dads out there! Would be fun to see what words your kids come up with to describe their dads!

Follow the link to make your own Word Search!




Fathers Day Photos


Wow! How adorable is that. Great idea for a First Fathers Day!

Follow the link to see many more photo gift ideas! Some really great ones 🙂




Scribble Mug


Could do this with any age child. You could help them with the letters or if they are older let them do it themselves (my boys are always eager to try things on their own!) Then let them scribble aways!

Follow the link for instructions 🙂




Monster Trail Mix


Very cute idea! This is one I’m going  to do with my boys, thought we would go to the store and they can pick through the bulk section to make a custom trail mix just for dad!

Follow the link for your Free Printable!




Fathers Day Footprint Gift Ideas


Who doesn’t like a footprint or handprint picture?!? The kids always have a great time getting covered in paint and you end up with a picture that you can cherish forever! I love looking back and seeing how small their hands and feet once were 🙂

Follow the link for even more footprint picture ideas!




Toddler Art T-Shirt


Such a great gift from a toddler to their dad! This is something he can proudly wear and also looks pretty cool!

Follow the link to get the instructions!




Cutest Kid-made Fathers Day Cards


And of course whats better than a hand-made card?!? I personally love the card with the arms stretched out to giving a hug! We did a card similar to this for Valentines Day and the boys thought it was so fun to lie down and have their arms traced 🙂

Follow the link to get some great ideas!




I hope you’ve enjoyed this list!



Forever Momming

5 Tips to Save you Money when Renovating!

Just about every homeowner I’ve every met has a wish list full of renovations and updates for their homes but sometimes the dreams are too big for the wallet.. “champagne taste on a beer budget.”

Here are some ways to get your dream home or at least close to it, for MUCH LESS!

Tip #1

Woman holding paintbrush with blue paint


Do as much hands on as you can! You may not be a professional carpenter or painter but you can always learn. There are some great resources at your fingertips to learn and master some great skills you can use around your house. Whenever I’m about to start a project I begin with Google, YouTube and of course Pinterest. I watch through countless videos and read many blogs to learn from the mistakes of others instead of making to same ones! Once I feel confident that I know what I am doing and understand the steps… then I go get the tools and material needed.

When shopping for a project spend a little more on tools you can use in other areas of the house or could resell (I like to sell on the Facebook Bidding Wars). If its an expensive tool and you think you might only use it once or twice then have a look around to find a tool rental in your area.

Some projects might feel intimidating or daunting to think about doing on your own but if you prepare, have the proper equipment and take it slow you might surprise yourself.

Tip #2

DIY-Kitchen-Renovation-www.classyclutter-1140x1710Take it Slow

When your about to start a project, take it slow! You want to avoid doing the same steps twice or having to tear up something you’ve completed in order to finish another area. When we were about to start our kitchen / dining room my husband and I sat down with a pen and paper and made a list of everything we wanted to complete in the rooms (we didn’t just think of the things we wanted done right away). Then we went back to the list and created an order that the projects should be completed in. Even though I wanted to start by tearing out the hole for our new french doors.. but by being patient and following the order we are getting everything done more efficiently without backtracking on our steps.

Tip #3


Scan Flyers 

This is something I do on a very regular basis. When I get a chance, usually with the kids help… I put the newspaper on the floor, drink my morning coffee and flip through the flyers. I pull out my list of all our desired renovations, including materials and dimensions. I am then able to cross reference any of the items on sale.

I have gotten most of our door handles, cabinet handles, paint and mouldings at 50% – 75% off! Make it part of your routine to scan the flyers or online for sales.

Tip #4

chimney style 1

 Tap into your Resources 

If your trying to install pot lights in your ceiling and have an electrician friend, try calling them up and see if they want a side job. Lots of tradespeople are willing to pull a side job for tax free money or even better if you can trade services (No I’m not talking about those “services” lol) If you are a hairdresser maybe you could offer some free cuts for themselves or their family… When doing our kitchen we had one of my husbands friends help with the under mount sink in exchange for a case of beer!

Start to think of who you know and how they can help.

Tip #5

chimney style 3

Have an open mind

Sometimes it can be hard to compromise on a dream kitchen or master bathroom but if you have an open mind when it comes to materials you might find that there is a very similar product for a much cheaper price. For each room its a good idea to pick one thing that you are going to splurge on and then you can compromise on some of the smaller things. For the kitchen I’ve always liked the hood fan as a focal point and spend a bit more on a chimney style look.

I hope this helped, Happy Renovating!


Forever Momming

To Soother or not to soother?? This really is the question!

This has been an ongoing debate between many parents… for many years!

As a parent you try to do the “right thing” for your children but sometimes its hard to know what the “right thing” really is… Right?

What is the right answer? Soother or no soother?

First lets look at the basics…

What is a Soother?

This is the answer from Wikipedia:

A pacifier (American English), dummy (United Kingdom, other Commonwealth countries and Ireland), binky, or soother (Canadian English) is a rubber, plastic, or silicone nipple given to an infant or other young child to suck upon. In its standard appearance it has a teat, mouth shield, and handle. The mouth shield and/or the handle is large enough to avoid the danger of the child choking on it or swallowing it.

In simple terms… A soother is given to a child to suck on,  this can calm or soothe them. Making the world of parenting a little easier!

The history of the Soother…

Soothers have been around for more then 500 years, although during that time they have come in many different forms. In England, between the 17th and 19th century they were made out of coral, ivory or bone. A much softer form was used in America well into the 19th century. They would use a scoop of sugar or sometimes a small chunk meat in a piece of linen and securely knot it, then dip it in some brandy…

The modern pacifier is a direct descendant from teething rings made of rubber in England during the 19th century.

Soothers were banned and denounced in 1909 and again in 1926 being deemed insanitary and dangerous.. During this time Freud also had his input that they were an example of infant sexuality and that they produced a negative moral development…

However in 1935 soothers came back being called a “Binky” which is a registered trademark of the Playtex Corporation.

Now for the debate… Soother or No Soother?

Soother Pros Argument

  • Some babies really enjoy them! When sucking on a soother they can become calm and a fall back to sleep easier.
  • Soothers can be a great distraction for your littles, this can give you time to finish what you are doing or make a bottle.
  • Soothers can also distract during those dreaded immunization shots or in moments you know they need some extra comfort.
  • Research has link the use of a soother with a decrease in Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  • Soothers are an easier habit to break then thumb-sucking.

Soother Cons Argument

  • Starting too early with a soother can interfere with the ability to breastfeed. It is recommended to wait a month before giving a soother.
  • You may be woken in the night due to the soother falling out and them not being able to find it. (defiantly can relate to this one! Try a glow in the dark soother, Amazing!)
  • Using a soother may increase the risk of ear infection. Keep in mind that in the first 6 months SIDS is highest in the first 6 months when ear infection risk is the lowest…

As a parent we have used soothers with our two older boys however my youngest has decided he prefers his thumb!

Please let us know you opinion on this and if you did or didn’t use a soother with your child.


Forever Momming